June 19, 2021



Young Greek man in Crete dedicates his life to stray dogs

Nikos Tsikalakis is a 38 year old man who lives like a hermit in Crete, his heart full of love for all the unprotected and stray dogs that have been brutally abused by cruel people.

His situation is unique. Owning one acre of land in Kalo Horio in the municipality of Hersonissos in Heraklion, Crete, he lives under primitive conditions.

He moved there in July 2018 after having been kicked out of the place where used to live in Christos, Ierapetra (Lasithi Prefecture) on Crete. He was living in an abandoned building along with the stray dogs of the village, trying to take good care of them.

Nevertheless the villagers were unwilling to understand what he did and why he did it so they kept harassing him in order to force him to leave the place – and they succeeded.

Meanwhile a Swiss woman who had been informed about Tsikalakis’ touching story decided to help him by buying him one acre of land in Kalo Horio. Nikos settled in his new home – actually, he lives in a tent with no electricity and no bathroom along with his 74 dogs.

He has built some fences on his own and all of his dogs live two to a kennel. The money he gets from the state – 200 euros per month, since he is unemployed – is spent on buying food for his beloved dogs and a handful of people help him sterilize and vaccinate the animals.

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6 thoughts on “Young Greek man in Crete dedicates his life to stray dogs

  1. Maybe you should make a follow-up article of how the situation is for this man now? Death treath by the local farmer, robbing him and the dogs for food and supplies, destoying fences etc. Peaople should be informed about this, and the police do nothing or very little.

  2. I’ve only the best of this man he is one of a kind. I myself have had many dogs as many as eight in the past I know it’s not easy so I imagine what he is doing for the dogs. If god exists he for sure will have a place in heaven. Good luck and more money to have to ease your life with your family.

  3. He deserves more than a tent to live in and the animals need help too. Is there no one in this area willing to help this kind man at least he should be warm and safe with his dogs. To my knowledge this particular place is quite large surely some local businesses could help him and in return they would get publicity for their business. Are there no local charities willing to help ? I find it disturbing that he is not getting any help I love Crete and there are many kind Greeks but this is so sad.

  4. Niko is a friend with a big heart. I met him last year when he took a paralyzed dog from me. He lives his dogs, they are his life, he lives in a tent, they eat together, sleep together. HE NEVER leaves them alone. Please he is definitely worth helping, he needs us. Thank you Tina?

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