Crete University program aims to educate young traffic offenders

Judicial authorities and the University of Crete in Iraklio have joined forces to curb juvenile traffic offenses on the southern island’s notoriously poor road network.

Following a recommendation by a prosecutor, young repeat traffic offenders will have to attend seminars on road safety and traffic awareness, organized by the university with the aim to promote a more holistic and proactive approach to the issue.

“The environment is not strict and our objective is not to punish [offenders] but rather to fill in the gaps they have in terms of road safety,” University of Crete assistant professor Maria Papadaki, who is in charge of the program, told Kathimerini.

Participants take part in simulations and other experiential games that educate them on the risks of bad driving practices, like cellphone use, and help debunk popular myths and stereotypes.


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