New website helps you reserve your spot on Greek beaches

If you are planning your summer vacation in Greece you should check Beachdibs, the website that will make your life easier when you go to the beach.

Three brothers, Ted, Tom and George Christodoulou created a website where you can reserve your beach chair before you go to the beach! And why not order your coffee and food too?

TNH spoke with George Christodoulou who gave more information and details about this new service.

“We have partnership with the beach shops, hotels, and clubs that have chairs so the tourist will be able to reserve his spot before he goes to the beach. Usually around May all these summer beach shops are open so everybody can start reserving. It is so difficult to find a chair in the summer when everybody is going to the beach”.

This is the third year that the three brothers running their business and every year they add more islands.

So, if this summer you are going to Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Siphnos, or Ios island, start planning your days on the beach before you get there!

“This year we started partnership with other tourist websites and travel agents so people can know about us,” Christodoulou said.

But how did the idea come up?

“All this started, he said, “because in 2016 my brother Tom went to Greece with his family. His wife and his children. He was in Paros and went to the beach. He couldn’t’ find a beach chair. He went to another beach and then to another. It was so difficult with his little kids to find a safe place under the sun.

So, we did a little research and that was it. This problem exists everywhere in Greece. Our vision is to cover the whole country.”

The prices are not high. Beachdibs charges 3 euros more than the regular price, or 10% more than the price of the chair. And sometimes you get some extras. For example, if you go to Elia, Mykonos, and you make the reservation from their website,, you get two towels and two waters for free.

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  1. Peter Halbert says:

    If your brother Tom was on Paros, he would have found many beaches bordered by trees providing shade. There are very few beaches on Paros that have sunbeds.

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