PHOTOS:Sailors from NSA Souda Bay cleaned-up Loutraki beach

Sailors from NSA Souda Bay volunteered for a beach clean-up in Loutraki beach, in Marathi, Chania on June 28.

Loutraki beach is located in a sheltered cove on the northeast edge of Souda Bay.

It is located right next to Marathi and the beaches are seperated by a hill.

Volunteers were happy to help preserve the scenic environment.

One Reply to “PHOTOS:Sailors from NSA Souda Bay cleaned-up Loutraki beach”

  1. That’s very nice of them
    but why do they have to do it ????
    where are the Local’s people , there is a huge unemployment rate here ,so there more
    than enough local’s to do the cleaning
    instead of sitting and drinking coffee , and say , oh no that’s below my level to do a job like this

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