VIDEO: Incredible scene of nature with fish in snake mouth

An incredible scene of life and death took place in front of me as I recorded with my drone and camera the strange phenomenon of the death of hundreds of goldfish in the river that ends in the lake of the Aposelemis Dam. Suddenly in the river, I find a snake sliding fast between dead and living fish, having grabbed one of its sharp teeth, trying to find a solitary piece of land to enjoy its meal. At one point he stops and always has the goldfish in his mouth, gets up as if to show off his loot, and continues to search in fast motion.

Then, after finding a hide behind a wood, he affirmed the laws of nature and the food chain in the best possible way … I was even more surprised to find that this snake was not the only predator in the river. Among the dead and live goldfish there were at least three more caught snakes. They were swimming amongst the helpless to react to fish and it was as if they were choosing their next meal. One of the reptiles, which was the largest and more than two meters long, had a prominent knob in the middle of his body that referred to a previous rich meal.

He did not hesitate to bite a fish he did not like and eventually let go. They were bitten or were trying to bite the fish in the eyes and head. It was an overwhelming experience that suddenly unfolded in front of me and the great fortune I had with my drone and camera to share it with you. My videos usually do not exceed 2-3 minutes. Here I made an exception that I believe is worth it …

Filmmaker: Sarantos Nikos

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2 Responses

  1. So sad. A goldfish in need of oxygen will repeatedly swim to the surface of the water and gulp for air.

  2. Val Hiett says:

    An amazing recording, but why so many dead fish??
    I hope someone is looking into the reason why, as this is clearly not a healthy situation.

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