Greek economic sentiment improved significantly in August

The Greek economic sentiment index improved significantly in August, while in the Eurozone the economic sentiment index improved slightly and in the EU the index fell further.

The Economic Sentiment Indicator ESI jumped to 108.4 points in August in Greece from 105.3 in July and 101 in June. In the Eurozone, the ESI rose to 103.1 points in August from 102.7 in June and in the EU the indicator fell to 101.4 points from 102 points.

The jump in the Greek indicator reflected a big improvement in the retail commerce sector (22.6 points from 13.7 in July), in the services sector (28.8 points from 22.1) and in consumer confidence (-8.2 points from -20.2 in July).

The indicator fell in the industrial sector (0.6 points from 1.7 in July) and in the construction sector (-52.3 points from -48.1 in July).

In the Eurozone’s largest economies, the ESI rose in Spain (+1.9) and less in Germany (+0.4 pct), it remained stable in France (0.1) and the Netherlands (0.2) and fell in Italy (-0.9).

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