Son of Scots mum found dead in Greece meets former suspect to solve her murder

Jean Hanlon allegedly spoke to former best pal Peter Verschueren on the phone just hours before her death – and he claims she was with a mystery man.

The son of a woman whose body was found in a Greek harbour says he will work with a former suspect to try to solve the mystery of her death.

Michael Porter yesterday met with the man once suspected of killing his mum Jean Hanlon.

She was found dead in Heraklion harbour after disappearing while living in Crete 10 years ago.

Michael returned to the holiday island this week to appeal for information as police prepare to reinvestigate the 53-year-old’s death following fresh claims that the mum-of-three, from Dumfries, may have been murdered.

He met Peter Verschueren, Jean’s former best pal, who claims to have spoken on the phone to her and a mystery man she was with in a cafe just before she disappeared in Heraklion.

The key witness was initially accused of being involved in her death but was released without charge.

Michael said: “The meeting went well and it was the first time I had seen Peter since he was accused.

“We wanted to try and rebuild connections with him because he was the last person to speak to our mum that night. He seemed genuine and has been cleared so we have to believe that the police did their job at the time.

“Now we have to find the man she was with as he has still not been found or come forward.”

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