June 17, 2021



Who has removed the blue recycle bins from Almyrida, Plaka and Kokkino Chorio?

I am writing as an expat who has lived on this beautiful island for the last 8 years. We live in the Apokoronas area and love Crete and its people.

Unfortunately we have a particular problem this summer as the Dimos has removed most of the blue recycling bins from the area around Almyrida, Plaka and Kokkino Chorio and refuse collections are not regular enough.

As a result, people are just dumping refuse around the bins which is left to build up and rot for several weeks before it is finally cleared away.

It saddens me to see the area looking so dirty and uncared for.

It is important that we all do whatever we can to recycle plastic, aluminium and glass as much as possible.

Yesterday I saw a local man throw a bag full of rubbish at the side of the bins.

When I asked him why he did not get out of his car and put it IN the bin, he just shrugged his shoulders and drove off.

When tourists come to the area and see pictures like this ….

They will not want to come back again.

It is shameful that this is how visitors will see this area.

A concerned resident, Almyrida

2 thoughts on “Who has removed the blue recycle bins from Almyrida, Plaka and Kokkino Chorio?

  1. It is indeed a very sad view, all this rubbish scattered all around. We all need to put more effort in keeping the area clean. I can’t believe people behave this way, it’s a shame. Is it so hard to put your rubbish bag in the bin? The problem comes also from the fact that the bins are not emptied regularly and certainly not as often as needed. Passing from one village to another what you see is all this waste everywhere on the streets. The municipality should work harder on the problem to keep the environment clean.

  2. Dit is niet alleen in de door U aangehaalde dorpen. Ook in Vamos en aan weg naar Gavalohori ,het is inderdaad schandalig , als toerist is het om te walgen. GAS boete’s zoals in Belgie , maar ja men zal ze toch niet betalen. Ook de laksheid van politie welke zelf de nodige overtredingen doen

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