Winning bids for Crete-Attica power connection to be announced early November, ADMIE says

The technical evaluation of bids submitted for the project connecting Crete to the mainland grid through direct-current cables was completed, the Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE) said on Thursday.

The following companies made it to the next stage, listed consecutively by section (four sections in total):

- The study, supply and installation of one of two submarine cables between Crete and Attica, and the electrode stations on both locations: Prysmian and Nexans. This section is budgeted at 255 million euros.
- The section related to laying the second submarine cable: Prysmian and Nexans. Budget: 225 million euros.
- The subterranean sections of cables connecting the transformer stations on Crete and Attica to the submarine cables: Prysmian, Nexans and NKT-Hellenic Cables. Budget: 115 million euros.
- The study, supply and installation of optical fiber cables: Prysmian. Bugdet: 20 million euros.

The winning bids for each of the four sections will be completed by the beginning of November.

The president of Ariadne Interconnection and CEO of parent company, ADMIE, Manos Manoussakis, said the project “is moving ahead without obstacles” and said ADMIE is committed to starting construction on the 1-billion-euro project by early 2020. “The connection of Crete and Attica, combined with the Crete-Peloponnese connection which is under construction, guarantee the stable and trustworthy supply of power to Crete through the mainland grid,” he said.


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