VIDEO: Snow and rain, as new cold front ‘Hephaestion’ arrived on Crete!

Cold air masses brought by the new cold front ‘Hephaestion’ have resulted in snow and sent temperatures plummeting in northern Greece on Sunday, with the phenomena expected to spread throughout the country from the afternoon.

In preparation for the bad weather, police have banned heavy vehicles over 1.5 tonnes from using the national highways and roads after 18:00 on Sunday.

Strong rain fell in the Aegean and especially on Crete, where soil saturation caused serious problems during the night.

Temperatures on Monday will be low, not exceeding 10C, with ice and snow in many mountainous regions.

It has to be mentioned that all drivers have to be very careful, because there are too many landslides accross the National Road, from Kissamos to Apokoronas.

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