Weather records announced in Greece during 2019. Why Chania prefecture holds the No1?

The Athens National Observatory released the weather records for 2019 according to its meteorological station, AMNA reports.

The highest precipitation levels were recorded in the region of Chania, on Crete island (2,896 mm) while Athens experienced the rainiest year in the last 15 years. On the contrary, the lowest annual rainfall level was recorded in northern Greece.

The highest temperatures were recorded in the village Halki in the region of Larissa (41.9C on July 8), in the city of Larissa (41.6C on July 7) and in the village Theologos in the region of Fthiotida (41.4C on August 3).

The lowest temperatures were recorded in the village Neos Kafkasos in Florina (-22.5 on January 6), in Nevrokopi (-20.9C on January 8) and in the town of Grevena (-19.9 on January 8).

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