June 19, 2021



The first coronavirus patient on Crete!

A 45-year old man from Heraklion is the first coronavirus patient on Crete.

He went to the University Hospital of Heraklion, having all the usual symptoms. After all medical exams he was diagnosed with coronavirus.

As he said to the doctors, he had visited Athens a few days ago.

6 thoughts on “The first coronavirus patient on Crete!

  1. Been stuck in Crete since March first. From what I have seen of people taking precaution. We are all going to die. Very few respect the seriousness of th situation. To get back to canada I have to pass 4-5
    Airports thought it was safer here. Worried.

  2. With regards to the comment above about Jeff coming through Athens, well there are flights every hour coming full of people, I came this week, there are no checks on anyone! The women in front of me was coughing non stop and nobody asked her if she had a fever or where she had come from!!!

  3. I live in an isolated village and have little contact with my neighbors. I will be self-quarantining once I get there.

  4. Jeff, why would you want to travel thru Athens? You are putting yourself in the path of a big outbreak there, and then possibly bringing it to Crete? I highly suggest you do not travel to Athens. I understand you are wanting to go to Crete ultimately, but this is not the time for that and all you will be doing is exposing yourself and then exposing us here in Crete as well.

  5. Where did he go and what did he do in Athens? This amount of detail suggests that all of Athens is contaminated. I am coming through Athens next week, on the way to Crete. A little more detail would be helpful.

  6. Situation on 11th of March in Rethymno 8.20pm (about) in one very popular and big supermarket: two men in 40s came to purchase, one of them is coughing and coughing and coughing without covering his mouth at all with anything! Furthermore, no one except me does not react, not even a word nor look over eyebrown. Is it so difficult to take care in this moments?!

    My idea would be to publish short videos these days over TV from where people could see how to behave if they are sick so to protect themselves and others and in general how to reduce possibility to be infected.

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