Theatres, cinemas, clubs and cultural venues close down in Greece for 2 weeks

All cultural events and activities will come to a complete halt for the next two weeks, as the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health on coronavirus, infectious disease professor, Sotiris Tsiordas, announced a series of new measures during his daily briefing that includes the closure of all theatres, cinemas, night clubs would arts and cultural venues, reports.

Museums across the country will stay partly open, as the  Ministry of Culture announced only a limited and controlled number of visitors would be allowed to enter.

According to the official announcement issued a few minutes ago by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, “There should provisions by the competent staff of each museum, so that in each room, depending on its size, no more than 20- 30 people would be permitted.”

Concerning the archaeological sites, it was stressed that “they will function normally unless there is a new special announcement”. Regarding the archaeological sites of Achaia, Ilia, and Zakynthos, the previous measures imposed by EODY apply.

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