Tsipras: ‘What matters most now is protecting citizens’ health’

The need for the strengthening of the public health system was underlined by SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras during the main opposition party’s political secretariat meeting on Thursday. 

In his speech, he stressed that in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic “what matters most now is the protection of citizens’ health: Strengthening the National Health Service, recruiting nurses and doctors immediately, and increasing the number of intensive care beds.”

Tsipras also expressed fears of what he called the deteriorating economic situation, criticising the government for adopting a model of job insecurity, layoffs and half-pay, which he called inadequate and anaemic.

“I am very afraid that we will have an explosive recession with unemployment, which means that the hardships of our people will have been in vain,” Tsipras concluded. 


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  1. Eat me Alexis / what did you do for your country “drag in down with debt” and then pander with Smerkle to forgive the debt payment , like the weasel you are . Remember what the unmarried mother of his children told him ( I’ll leave you if you voted in that insidious E/U hand out ) she left and still isn’t looking back and he’s still a spine-less dupe.

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