Petsas: We are examining the extension of first residence protection after April 30

“We are examining the extension of first residence protection that expires on April 30 from the first moment” government spokesperson Stelios Petsas said on Saturday in an interview with ANT1 TV. 

On the support measures he stated that the fiscal cost is approximately 4.7 billion euros until today, namely 2.5 pct of the GDP.

He said that Europe got out of all the major crises stronger and referred to the need for closer cooperation and also to the issue of a eurobond.

On the repatriation of Greeks, he said that the government wants to keep the coronavirus away from Greece. Only those suffering from a serious health problem certified by a doctor will return to Greece.

“All the others will stay away; it is clear and everyone should know it. Regarding all those that happened at the airport of London, the responsibility falls exclusively on the airline. Everybody knew that the flights to Greece were suspended from six a.m. and they called the people to go to the airport. We will not yield to pressure; it is an issue of public health” he said.

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