Curfew violations keep rising; almost 2,200 fines handed out on Monday, 119 on Crete

The violations of the curfew to contain the spread of the coronavirus in Greece have been rising steadily, police reported on Tuesday, with 2,193 fines handed out on Monday, while 15 were arrested for the illegal operation of shops and other businesses.

Specifically, police said that violations of curfew were recorded in the region of Attica (750), in Thessaloniki (156), in western Greece (156), in Central Macedonia (140),on the Ionian islands (139), on Crete (119), in the Peloponnese (117), in Thessaly (115), in Central Greece (90), on the southern Aegean islands (86), in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (83), in Epirus (65), in Western Macedonia (42) and on the islands of the North Aegean (23).

It is noted that a total of 10,634 violations have been recorded since the first day of the measure on Monday, March 23.

Police also made 15 arrests for the illegal operation of business premises, of which three were in Attica, three in Thessaloniki, one in the Peloponnese, one in Central Greece, one in the Peloponnese and one in Western Greece.
Police said that 317 persons have been arrested in total since March 12, the first day of measures restricting shop operation.

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