OTE announces e-work platform for civil servants at no cost for three months

Greece’s telecommunications giant OTE on Wednesday announced the availability of a secure e-work platform for up to 10,000 employees in the country’s public administration, at no cost for the state, for the next three months.

The aim is to provide a seamless workflow for the operation of critical public administration services, with employees working from their home via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), due to coronavirus protection measures currently in effect nationwide. 

The initiative for this service was undertaken by the General Secretariat of Information Systems of Public Administration of the Ministry of Digital Governance, in collaboration with the Information Society SA, which manages National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) funds for digital innovation on behalf of the Greek state. 

OTE will provide this service as the contractor of Syzefxis II, the Greek state’s program to establish electronic interconnectivity and access among all 34,000 offices of public administration, including schools.

To date, more than 25 public administration operators have submitted remote access requests for approximately 1,000 users.

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