Coronavirus cases in Greece reach 1,673; 60 new cases; 68 deaths

Sixty new coronavirus cases were diagnosed on Saturday, infectious diseases professor and coronavirus-related spokesman Sotiris Tsiodras announced.

In his daily briefing, Tsiodras said that Greece now has 1,673 confirmed coronavirus-infected people. Of these, 92 are hospitalized.

A total of 68 people have died from the coronavirus so far.

The measure of the temporary circulation ban will be extended until April 27, Deputy Civil Protection and Crisis Management Minister, Nikos Hardalias, said.

The unity, determination and discipline that the Greek society has shown overwhelmingly to date has allowed us to follow a different course from most other countries, Hardalias noted.

However, this result, he said, can be reversed in a few hours and days and stressed the need to continue to observe the measures with the same perseverance and patience.


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  1. Similar to the data from the PLA , I wonder what the real figures are in Greece, There news is notoriously for it’s inaccuracy’s and screening . Would a real figure of 10 x come close to the real numbers ? We will see as this pandemic unfolds /… 24 million doses / double the total population numbers ? scary or just more hording ?

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