Tourism ministry to introduce 18-month voucher to support hotels and travel agencies

The tourism ministry will introduce a regulation which will offer to tourist businesses the opportunity to compensate their clients with an 18-month voucher, aiming at the support of hotels and travel agencies.

As Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis said, speaking on television, the specific intiative will be brought to parliament within the week and incorporated into one of the draft bills that are tabled for approval by lawmakers.

Practically, this means that someone who has made a booking, for example, during the Easter break, will not get a cash refund but compensation in the form of a voucher of equal value, lasting for 18 months, which can then be used for another trip at a later date, possibly even to a different destination, via the same travel agent or the same tourist enterprise.

The tourism ministry is also collaborating on a European level with this aim and is already preparing a letter to the European Commission to request support of the measures.

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