January 10, 2021



Survey: Greeks eager to take summer vacation when coronavirus lockdown is lifted

Mostly kept home during a lockdown that began March 23 to try to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, many Greeks seem more than eager to get out for a vacation of some sort even if social distancing measures remain when it’s lifted.

Nearly half of the respondents (47%) queried in the latest survey in Greece said they are planning to take summer vacations this year, ostensibly after strict coronavirus-related restrictions are relaxed or lifted completely Naftemporiki newspaper reports.

According to an Internet survey conducted by the marketing lab at the University of Macedonia, 65% of respondents who said they planned to take a holiday said they would do so in August.   

As expected, 90% of those that answered in the affirmative said they would stay in the country for their holidays. This fact could give the tourism sector and hotels - topping the preference for lodgings (46%) - a boost when they reopen in phases, likely to begin sometime in June. 

International air travel is likely to come back in staggered phases and most people are reluctant to visit other countries in the aftermath of the disease and fears it will linger.

Of the 19% of respondents that answered that they will not take a holiday at any time in 2020, 36% of those cited a lack of money; 32% blamed the coronavirus and 22% cited an increased workload, the paper’s report also said.

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