June 17, 2021



Passenger traffic at Greek airports plunged 99 pct in April y/o/y due to Covid-19

Domestic and international passenger traffic at Greece’s airports plummeted by an unprecedented 99 pct in April, hard-hit by the coronavirus flight bans, the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) reported on Friday. 

Only 37,273 passengers flew in April, marking a dramatic 99 pct drop compared to April 2019 when 3,745,671 passengers were transported, while the 5,032 flights marked an 85.1 pct drop compared to the 33,727 flights in April 2019. 

A mere 6,045 foreign passengers arrived in Greece in April 2020, a 99.6 pct drop compared to 2019, when 1,380,543 foreign passengers had arrived.

According to HCAA’s statistics for 2020’s first quarter (January-April), the total number of flight passengers reached 5.45 million, down 47.8 pct compared to 2019’s 10.4 million passengers in the same quarter. 

Between January and April some 63,738 flights (37,670 domestic and 26,068 foreign) showed a decrease of 35.7 pct compared to the corresponding period in 2019 when 99,164 flights were carried out. 

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