Education Min.: Primary schools, kindergartens to open June 1, end June 26

Education & Religious Affairs Minister Niki Kerameus on Monday spoke of another step toward the new normality, announcing the  opening of the remaining education structures that remained closed due to the pandemic on June 1.

“In the last three months we, the state and education community, have been working collectivelly to adapt the educational process to the new conditions created by the health crisis,” she said and made a special reference to the distance learning, the creation of a new digital educational context and the rapid adaptation of all to the new conditions of the digital era.

“There can’t be normality without open schools,” underlined Kerameus.

Extended school year

Primary schools and kindergartens will reopen on June 1 and classes will run through June 26, Minister Kerameus said, following a hiatus of over two months due to coronavirus-related measures.

According to the schedule announced by the minister, classes that usually end on June 15 will now run to the end of that month.

Precautions and safety measures have been issued for all levels of schools, calling for 50 pct capacity in classrooms, distances of 1.5 m between desks and no more than 15 students per classroom. 

Classes will rotate for intermissions, while school canteens will remain closed, she said.

Special high schools (grades 7-12) will operate from June 1 to June 12, and special schools for primary grades (1-6) will operate from June 1 to June 26.
Directions for the reopening of special education units or schools will be discussed by the subcommittee of infectious diseases specialists at the Health Ministry today (May 25).

Schools of all levels shut down on March 16. The high school’s graduating class went back to classrooms on May 11, to prepare for the final exams that lead to university admission. Grades 7-11 returned on May 18, while the government and committee of health experts reviewed whether younger children should return to school.


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