Petsas outlines daily steps for restarting social and economic activity

“Primary schools and kindergartens, special education units of all levels, and nurseries will reopen on Monday, June 1, 2020,” government spokesperson Stelios Petsas announced on Monday, at the start of the daily press briefing.

Petsas then referred to the steps taken on a daily basis for the resumption of social and economic activity, noting: “Today another step is being taken. The good epidemiological data due to the effort we all made has led to the lifting of measures for restaurants earlier than originally planned. As of today, travel to and from the islands is also allowed. The lifting of restrictions on yachting will follow on June 1, the opening of twelve-month hotels and camps. Open-air sports facilities are opening with rules and conditions. Also permitted is the reopening of overnight and daily care centres for the elderly, as well as the creative play centres for children and children with disabilities.”

The spokesperson also announced that mobile national public health organisation (EODY) teams, in collaboration with the civil non-profit company “+plefsi” have started taking samples for coronavirus diagnostic tests on the smaller islands. The examinations will be carried out on the basis of the EODY protocol, together with the help of doctors and volunteers.

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