GNTO and the National Theatre join forces to promote cultural tourism

Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) President Angela Gerekou, National Theatre President Vassilis Poulantzas and its artistic director Dimitris Lignadis signed a memorandum of cooperation stressing the need for a “pandemic of culture” and the use of all the possibilities of the two bodies with the aim of promoting Greece as an international cultural destination, especially in the field of theatre.

“The connection between culture and tourism is the main asset of the country and the National Theatre, with its emblematic role, is the most appropriate institution for the promotion of our cultural tourism. A kind of tourism that can become, especially this year, a very strong pole of attraction and an important occasion for Greeks – as domestic tourism will be significantly strengthened – but also foreign visitors to travel with health safety to Greece, with the observance of all measures of protection,” Gerekou underlined.

She added that the Organisation will promote all the activities of the National Theatre and other cultural institutions through its social media, the portal and its services around the world, in order to arouse the interest of foreign tourists to visit Greece and enjoy what its beautiful landscapes, on the occasion of a theatrical performance or other cultural activity.

“After all,” she said, “this is part of experiential tourism, which we are planning to further promote in the future.

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