Kikilias: Single management system and protocols for all the islands

Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias highlighted the need to create conditions in public health that allow people to return to work and permit tourism, while speaking to Alpha TV on Thursday, adding that this will be done through “timely information and the relations of trust that we have built up with society, which we want to continue and strengthen.”

Kikilias spoke of a single management system and protocols for all the islands, which he said the health ministry will announce in the next few days: “We will address the coronavirus in the summer as we did in the winter and in the spring”.

The specific system will foresee the strengthening and interconnection of all health infrastructure, such as hospitals, health centres and regional infirmaries, he said.

Noting that the majority of scientists expect a second wave of the pandemic, Kikilias also pointed out that “the height of this wave and its intensity, whether the virus will mutate or not and how this will come to Greece in comparison with other countries, remains to be seen. I am obliged to prepare the health ministry and the national health system for all possibilities,” he concluded.

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