June 17, 2021



Fraport Greece: New flights from Volotea and Wizz Air

The response of the airlines to the opening of the tourist market is immediate, as evidenced not only by the planned resumption of existing routes, to and from regional airports, but also by the addition of new flights in their schedule.

In this context, Fraport Greece said in an announcement that Volotea and Wizz Air announced new air connections with the most popular Greek destinations.

The international flights to and from Makedonia Airport in Thessaloniki are expected to start on June 15, while international flights from and to the other airports are expected to start on July 1.

Specifically, Volotea announced the following new itineraries:

   – Mykonos – Heraklion (2 times a week)

   – Thessaloniki – Heraklion (2 times a week)

   – Thessaloniki – Mykonos (2 times a week)

   – Thessaloniki – Santorini (2 times a week)

   – Corfu – Athens (4 times a week until the end of July and 7 times a week for the rest of the summer)

   The company will continue operating the existing itineraries:

   – Santorini – Athens (31 flights per week)

   – Mykonos – Athens (28 times a week)

   – Rhodes – Athens (7 times a week)

Wizz Air has announced the following new routes:

   – Thessaloniki – Larnaca (5 times a week)

   – Thessaloniki – Milan (4 times a week)

   – Corfu – Luton (2 times a week)

   – Corfu – Vienna (2 times a week)

   – Corfu – Milan (4 times a week)

   – Rhodes – Luton (2 times a week)

   – Rhodes – Vienna (2 times a week)

   – Rhodes – Milan (3 times a week)

   – Rhodes – Tirana (2 times a week)

   – Zakynthos – Luton (2 times a week)

   – Zakynthos – Vienna (2 times a week)

   – Zakynthos – Milan (3 times a week)

   – Santorini – Milan (4 times a week)

    Also, the company continues its dynamic presence in Greece with the itineraries:

   – Thessaloniki – Budapest (2 times a week)

   – Thessaloniki – Kiev (3 times a week)

   – Thessaloniki- Kutaisi (2 times a week)

   – Thessaloniki – Luton (2 times a week)

   – Thessaloniki – Vienna (4 times a week)

   – Corfu – Budapest (2 times a week)

   – Corfu – Warsaw (once a week)

   – Rhodes – Budapest (2 times a week)

   – Zakynthos – Budapest (once a week)

Fraport Greece General Manager of Development George Vilos said: “It makes us optimistic that the airlines showed quick reflexes and cast a vote of confidence in the Greek tourist market and our airports, both by continuing the already planned itineraries and by strengthening them by adding flights to new destinations. On our part, we will continue to work closely with airlines, state authorities and local authorities so that together, we can help tourism take off in our country.”Μore on subscriber’s page.

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