Gov’t sources on Tourism Ministry’s agreement with TUI Group

Government sources on Tuesday said that Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis and the chief executive of TUI Group Sebastian Ebel signed a strategic agreement for the support of Greek tourism.

Referring to the agreement Theocharis said: “We set a common target to bring 50 percent of the tourists the group brought to Greece last year. We remind that 2.8 to 3 million tourists came to Greece last year via TUI.

-We are implementing this target through joint advertisement in which Greece will be the first country the group will cooperate with.
-We are planning common actions for the extension of the tourism period, a crucial issue for this year’s success.
-Additionally, we intensify our actions for the extension of the tourists’ stay in Greece.
-We emphasise on the strategic reformation with actions for sustainable tourism growth.
-We will plan new cruise routes for this year and for the following years.
-We focus on digitalisation and less bureaucracy. 

The Τourism Minister underlined that this agreement is very important for the country’s efforts to gain the lost ground this year and gives the signal to every tourism professional that it will be in his/her interest to open their businesses this year and allows us to look to the future with optimism”.

The same sources said that TUI’s CEO Ebel stated, “I will be disappointed if we do not meet the 50 pct target with Greece”.


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