Greek FinMin presents policy priorities for post-coronavirus era

Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikouras presented the government’s eight policy priorities in the post-Covid era which include a gradual reduction of tax rates and primarily of social insurance contributions, dealing with a high private debt and privatizations.

Addressing the 10th Nicosia Economic Congress, Staikouras said these policies were:
1. Implementing a prudent fiscal policy, with a gradual reduciton of tax rates and social insurance contributions.
2. Promoting a new framework of dealing with a high accumulated private debt, focusing on vulnerable households.
3. A further strengthening of the banking system stability.
4. Continuing a program of privatizations and exploitation of state property.
5. A digital transformation of the public sector and the Greek economy to reduce bureaucracy.
6. Modernization and improvement of the investment attractiveness of the economy through creating a new improved framework of corporate governance, promoting use of e-mobility, strengthening research and innovation.
7. Implementing structural reforms on a regulatory framework for business activity, judicial system, management of public investments, agricultural policy, etc.
8. Investing in infrastructure, focusing on green economy.

Staikouras said these were policies that will allow Greece to build a new productive and growth model, taking advantage of all available domestic and European means and resources, with a vision, responsibility, transparency and social justice.


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