June 17, 2021



New electronic communications code will help regulate market, protect consumers, says Digital Governance Ministry

The Digital Governance Ministry’s Electronic Communications Code (ECC), posted for public consultation until July 17, modernizes the regulatory framework and protects consumer data from exploitation by service providers, the ministry said on Monday. 

The ECC, which will be part of the Digital Governance Code, incorporates the European Union’s 2018/1972 directive into national law and establishes clear and unified rules, added the ministry. 

It will help encourage investments to develop cutting-edge ultra-broadband networks that offer download speeds of at least 100 Mbps, update the licensing rules for the entire radio frequency spectrum and help develop more advanced wireless broadband connections. It will also stimulate sector competition and the further development of the electronic communications market.

Additionally, it broadens the definition of electronic communications services to ensure better consumer security in the context of increasingly popular over-the-top (OTT) streaming media content companies (such as Netflix), or any OTT services that require an online subscription by collecting personal information.  

The new code also untangles issues related to the operation of the single European emergency number 112 and the operation of the European Open Telephone Line for Missing Children. It ensures better internet accessibility for people with disabilities regulates the presence of online advertising messages as well.


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