Number of allowed passengers in private cars, taxis raised by new gov’t decision

A new joint ministerial decision raises the number of passengers allowed in private cars, taxis and tourist vans as of Monday, in a further relaxation of coronavirus-related measures.

The new measures will be in effect until July 12, when they will be reviewed again.

Private cars with a 7-person capacity may carry 3 passengers besides the driver and 5 passengers if larger.

Taxis and professional car services with a 7-person capacity are allowed to carry 3 passengers besides the driver and 5 passengers if their capacity is for 8 or 9 people.

The only exception to these limits concerns parents with their children. If parents travel with adult children, they may be asked to prove their identity with a police ID card or a passport. This exception covers both private and public-use transportation.

In professional cars, both driver and passengers must wear a mask, and both driver and passengers violating the rule will be fined 150 euros each.

Air conditioning may be used but only with open windows, to prevent recycling of the air. In professional cars, the air vents must be facing down at passengers’ feet, not their face.


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3 Responses

  1. John Lewis says:

    someone Be careful I think you might have the virus. Already your sense of humour has gone!

  2. someone says:

    @Jon Lewis: Legally, that already isn’t true. So why would they make an extra rule stating that due to COVID-19, prohibited behavior is still prohibited?

  3. Jon Lewis says:

    Yet you can have 4 people on a motor bike with no masks. What BS is this?

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