June 19, 2021



A total of 235 international flights landed on Wednesday at Greek airports

Greece on Wednesday opened its doors to welcome with safety over 230 international flights at the country’s airports, including the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki.

According to the Civil Aviation Agency, 235 international flights were scheduled to land on Wednesday at Greek airports.

Specifically, 69 flights would land at Athens International Airport, 21 at Corfu, 16 at Chania, 54 at Heraklio, 10 at Mykonos, 4 at Santorini, 8 at Kos, 14 at Rhodes, 23 at Thessaloniki, 2 at Skiathos, 5 at Zakynthos, 2 at Aktio, 1 at Kalamata, 2 at Cephallonia, 1 at Paros, 1 at Karpathos and 2 at Samos.

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