June 17, 2021



Petsas: Greece has opened its doors to the world

“Greece has already opened its gates to the world. After many days of deliberations in the EU, a list of countries from which we will receive visitors has been drawn,” stated government spokesman Stelios Petsas on Thursday.

Referring to the international flights to Greece, he said that all flights are allowed to all Greek airports with the exception of direct flights from UK and Sweden until July 15.

On the entrance gates, he said that on the borders with Bulgaria, the entrance is allowed only from the border post of Promachonas and from the other border posts only on specific conditions. The entrance is allowed only on specific conditions from the borders with Albania, North Macedonia and Turkey.

He also said that the ferry routes from and to Igoumenitsa and Patras started operating.

Petsas said that Greece opened its doors to tourism but with specific restrictions taking all the necessary measures for the protection of the tourists, the locals and those working in the tourism sector.

As Petsas said the visitors will undergo a COVID-19 test at their arrival. It is worth mentioning that on Wednesday 5,889 blood samples were collected at 16 Greek airports and results will be ready today. “The sample tests are carried out according to risk criteria and are targeted, so it is expected to have positive incidents in these tests”.

“Our aim is the timely recording and isolation of possible COVID-19 incidents in order to avoid its spreading to the community,” he said and underlined “we are closely monitoring the development of the pandemic in Europe and in the other countries of the world. We do not make any discounts to the protection of public health and the human lives.”


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