June 17, 2021



Health Min Kikilias calls on tourists to observe protection measures

Health Μinister Vassilis Kikilias is visiting Crete in order to inspect the health units and their readiness, on the occassion of the opening of tourism.

According to the head of the health authorities of Crete, Lena Borboudaki, the island can cover 155 mild and moderate cases in its hospital structures, while if deemed necessary, they can reach a total of 328 beds.

As for the cases that will need hospitalization in ICU, there are currently 9 available beds, which can be increased within a few hours to 30, if necessary, but even to 60 if the cases have a large increase.

Kikilias congratulated the visible and invisible, as he stressed, heroes of the battle against the coronavirus, as the first and only priority is human life and the contribution of all, in the best possible way.

The Minister of Health announced that in the coming months the Heraklion hospital will be strengthened with the most modern ICU in Europe.

“As we have observed the measures and proved that the country has succeeded and has become an example to be imitated, we do not want to spoil it now, therefore  I am asking the tourists to do the same. Respect our country, which is very beautiful, and adhere to the medical protocols and rules we have set, so that we have the smallest possible number of cases,” Kikilias said.

“We are confident that both Crete and the country will succeed. Its people deserve it and also it deserves to have an excellent health system and this is what we are trying to have, not only now, but also in the post-covid 19 era,” Kikilias noted.


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