June 17, 2021



Greek Minister Sets Mid-July Date for UK Open Travel

Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis said Greece may be ready to welcome British travelers by mid-July, which is a realistic and feasible time frame for authorities to finalize the date.

Speaking on UK television, Theoharis said both Greece and the UK were working in this direction in order to ensure that the situation is under control and that UK travelers will be able to enjoy their holidays in Greece as they do every year and at the same time feel confident about their safety.

The Greek minister spoke on Sky News Tonight, hours before news came out that Greece was on a list of some 60 countries, travelers from which will not have to enter quarantine as of July 10.

Theoharis went on to add that Greek health experts were monitoring the epidemiological situation in the UK, particularly in view of rising coronavirus cases there, and that Greece had opened its borders implementing a government strategy which focused on testing, health protocols, and careful selection of countries based on effective Covid-19 management as well as reciprocity.

Theoharis underlined the importance of reciprocity with regard to quarantine-free travel for both Greek and UK citizens returning from Greece.

The UK is one of Greece’s top source markets and a favorite destination for British travelers, many of whom either have holiday homes in the country or return each year.

On Tuesday, Greece had issued an aviation directive (NOTAM) extending a previous suspension of all flights to and from the UK until July 15.

1 thought on “Greek Minister Sets Mid-July Date for UK Open Travel

  1. Dear Tourism Minister ,
    it seems all the loose ends are tied up , Alas some Brits are not playing the game , I personally know of a holiday home near me , that will imminently be filled with Brits, , who cannot wait for their holidays to start , so the flew the Ireland and then a plane to Kriti . Once this idea catches on , you will have every selfish person doing the same thing . You need a helpline , where people can ring in freely without any recrimination , if they suspect something is not right

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