June 17, 2021



‘Destination Greece… Health First’ campaign launches for visitors from abroad

The Tourism Ministry and the Greek National Tourism Organization presented a new campaign, “Destination Greece. Health First” on Monday, promoting holidays in Greece.

The campaign revolves around a 30-second video that introduces the idea of Greece being safe as a holiday destination (“Behind your every ideal experience, there is a complete protocol for your safety in action.”).

Greecehealthfirst.com, the central site of the campaign, provides detailed information in the form of Q&A’s: “I want to travel to Greece, can I?” answers travel questions, “How safe will I be in Greece?” responds to accomodation, food service and entertainment questions, “What should I do if during my vacation…” provides information on Covid-19 symptoms and quarantine; and the “Travel safely to Greece passenger locator form (PLF)” provides the form visitors must fill out at least 48 hours before coming to Greece.

In addition, there is a downloadable “Visit Greece” app and a four-digit number of the Tourism Ministry (1572) for any issue during the coronavirus pandemic that operates M-F 08:00-16:00. 

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