June 17, 2021



PM: Major steps forward in only one year in Greece

The government is presenting a 47-page document outlining its work in all sectors and by ministry during the first year of ruling New Democracy’s governance, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in a statement on Tuesday.

All the policies and actions implemented in the year are presented in detail.
“Leaps of progress have been made in Greece in just one year and these have not happened by accident. They are the result of hard work with the support of the entire society,” he said.

PM Mitsotakis to SKAI: Greece has ‘faith in its capability, the self-confidence to cope’

“If there is something that I have learned in these 12 months it is that we can do many things to change the country,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in an interview on SKAI radio station on Tuesday, given upon the completion of a year since ruling New Democracy came into power.

The prime minister ruled out the prospect of early elections, saying they will be held at the end of the government’s four-year term, adding that it would be “politically dishonest” to hold snap elections to exploit his current “political capital”.

Talking about the pandemic, Mitsotakis said that imposing the lockdown was the hardest decision that he took in his first year as prime minister, “once we had the data and were ability to perceive the problem posed by the coronavirus.” He said the decision was hard because he was aware it would lead the economy to a deep recession “but I did the calculation and hope I’m proved right, that the more effective we were in tackling the pandemic, the easier the economic recovery will be.”

The first battle was won but the epidemic was not yet over, the prime minister said, adding that the country was now stronger than before in spite of the recession “because it has institutional capital and faith in its capability, the self-confidence to cope.” This was reflected in opinion polls, Mitsotakis said, noting that he mainly focused on their ‘qualitative’ findings rather than voter intentions.

The next most difficult decision was that to ease the curbs for Covid-19 and reopen the economy while protecting public health, since that required a great deal of work, planning and cooperation between many individuals and agencies.

Greece has proved that it is capable of carrying out such difficult tasks, he said, adding that July will be a difficult month for Greek tourism but he was confident that foreign tourists will see that Greece is dealing with the problem professionally and will prefer to holiday here. The borders with any country where there is a flare-up of coronavirus will be closed, he said.
On the refugee crisis at the Greek-Turkish land border in Evros, Mitsotakis noted that the decision to defend the border was ‘self-evident’ and that the government had information on what would happen.


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