June 19, 2021



Turkey may face sanctions for Hagia Sophia decision, says gov’t spokesman Petsas

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas said that “Greece will do everything in its power” to see that Turkey’s decision to open Hagia Sophia in Istanbul to Muslim worship by turning the UNESCO monument to a mosque “will have consequences,” speaking in a Saturday interview on SKAI TV. 

Calling the issue one that bears international gravitas, he added that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision is “mistaken and will give rise to a series of problems for him,” expressing his conviction that “such delinquent behavior, an insult of this magnitude, should have a corresponding response.”

He added that “there is no doubt we will proceed with some form of sanctions” and stressed that “Erdogan has made a historic mistake that creates a gap, one which I hope can be bridged,” he underlined. 

The government spokesman finally called on Turkey to take into account that “anyone who violates International Law by way of deviant behavior may face sanctions that can be detrimental.”

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