Petsas: The coronavirus is here and feeds off our carelessness

Government spokesperson Stelios Petsas on Wednesday referred to the course of the coronavirus pandemic, the mini reshuffle and the state of the economy in an interview with MEGA TV.

Regarding the spread of the virus, he explained that there are three key areas of concern. The first was linked to the frequent border crossings to and from the Balkan countries for short-stay visits by Greek nationals and people that have a residence permit in Greece. The second concerned social gatherings, either in bars, or for weddings and other ceremonies. The third source of concern, he added, was exposure through various means of transport.

He said that the government is “closely monitoring admissions to hospitals, which are under control up to now, but especially how many of them will need ICU care or will be intubated. Fortunately, the number of patients in ICUs and of those intubated is very low, lower than in March or April.” He explained that the imposition of localised measures, of local lockdowns, was always among the options available to the government. “If necessary we will assume such measures, we always follow the experts’ advice,” he added.

On passenger capacity on board ships and the additional measures imposed, he said it was important to “remember that the coronavirus is here and feeds off our carelessness. We must do everything we can to deprive it of this oxygen by strictly adhering to the experts’ measures.”
Referring to the new additions to the government’s team, he noted that corrective moves are always necessary, even in a successful government.

On the economy, he said that October will be a major landmark as Greece will have to submit its plan to the EU for the absorption of the many billions it is due to receive from the Recovery Fund.

He also said that there will be gradual reductions in taxes and contributions, in accordance with the government’s pledges.


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