January 20, 2021



Hardalias: We assumed additional measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus

Deputy Civil Protection and Crises Management Minister Nikos Hardalias in his briefing on the course of the pandemic in Greece on Tuesday pointed out that “we had 961 confirmed incidents since August 1, a fact that led to the government’s decision to impose additional measures in order to curb the spread of the virus”.

Hardalias referred in detail to the new measures announced on Monday and clarified that the negative PCR test for those entering the country does not concern children up to 10-years-old.

He also said that 266,166 PCR tests to 2,162,251 visitors have been conducted from July 1 until August 10 and 508 of them were found positive. 234 of the infected returned to their countries, 101 are no longer active and remain in Greece and 164 are still active.

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