June 19, 2021



Manchester United’s Maguire arrested in Mykonos

The captain of the football team Manchester United Harry Maguire was arrested late Wednesday in Mykonos along with his brother for assault and attack against police officers and on Thursday will be led to the prosecutor.

According to police sources, Maguire, his brother and a friend of theirs were involved in a fight at about midnight with other British tourists outside a bar.

The residents called the police and when the police officers and attempted to resolve the problem they were verbally attacked while one of the three suspects attacked a police officer.

The policemen asked them to follow them to the police station with their van but when they arrived, Maguire and the other two fled shouting and swearing. The three perpetrators were later arrested. 

According to police, probably the three men were drunk. 

On Thursday morning they apologised but a lawsuit was filed against them and they will appear before the prosecutor later in the day.


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