June 19, 2021



Crete removed from England’s travel “safe list”

Seven Greek islands are to be removed from England’s travel “safe list” at 4am on Wednesday 9 September, GrantShapps has announced.

They are:

Santorini and

7 thoughts on “Crete removed from England’s travel “safe list”

  1. Man sollte erstmal prüfen ob die Personen mit Covid-19 Infektion aus Kreta kommen ,weil höhere Infektionszahl gibt es glaublich auf dem Festland. Den Kreta hat sehr niedrige Zahl ,daher bin ich auch mit einem sicherem Gefühl gestern nach Kreta geflogen.

  2. Rates in Crete are falling and proportionally lower than the rest of Greece too and so not what is the reason for this decision

  3. Here in Kalyves, Crete, how the hell does the UK, government come to the terms that we are at risk in crete, the Greeks are not a level at risk, the level is nothing near as to the scale of risk and quarenteen other countries have more infection rate than crete, but not at the on risk list, bonkers mad, and UK don’t have a clue of the real risks, demanding us back and putting hard working tax payers and business owners in a quarenteen situation when they get back, we should be allowed to have a private test and if OK, allowed to go about our business, UK government geta grip, get you own country fixed before pointing fingers at others that are no risk.

  4. I am currently in Crete and it has had the lowest infection rate throughout. Everyone is distancing and shops require you to wear masks, as do taxis,banks etc. I think the government are being complete idiot’s on this. Why not try and stop every Tom,dick and Harry from coming to the UK from countries with increasing infection rates and check the figures for Greece first?

  5. Myself my partner and 2 friends are staying in Stalis in Crete, we cant understand why they have been taken off the safe list, everyone is following the rules and I can honestly say we all feel safe here.
    The people who are trying to make a living here are suffering really bad and the season for greece will be ending soon,
    I do think the government need to re consider their decision.

  6. Where are the Covid-19 statistics for Crete published? I’d like to know the number of new infections per 100,000 in Crete, and the trend so that I can decide whether to cancel my forthcoming holiday, or hope that the UK government lifts the restrictions in the near future.

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