Death toll from sunken migrant vessel rises to four

The number of dead from the shipwreck of a vessel, possibly a yacht, carrying migrants and refugees has risen to four – two women and two boys aged six and seven – Greek authorities announced on Tuesday.

A massive search-and-rescue operation has been underway since the vessel sank 12 nautical miles east of Crete on Monday evening, with 57 people rescued from the sea so far.

The coast guard operation to locate possible survivors or more bodies is continuing.

Three bodies and 19 of the persons rescued have been taken to the port of SiPM Mitsotakis: Strict protection of the borders on land and at sea will continuetia, while there are five private vessels, two coast guard patrol boats, a super puma helicopter and a coast guard airplane participating in the search.

One Reply to “Death toll from sunken migrant vessel rises to four”

  1. Don’t waste the coast guards’ resources.

    If a vessel carrying soon-to-be occupants sinks, let it sink.

    The sharks needs food too.

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