SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Tsipras unveils party’s new logo

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance President Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday unveiled the party’s new logo, which had been announced in previous days but without the release of any details, with a video on his social media accounts.

The central element of the new logo is a five-point star, whose points represent the key values and ideals that inspire the Left and the democratic faction. According to the party, these are democracy, solidarity, justice, freedom and equality and the party is committed to serving and fighting for these and invites “all those that envision a just, progressive and European Greece” to join its ranks.

“This star is for everyone,” Tsipras commented in the video presenting the party’s new symbol. “Today a broad alliance of every citizen that envisions a just and progressive Greece of the new era comes to put this vision into action. SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance takes a step into the future, a future for everyone,” he added, inviting every viewer to “come so we can walk together.”

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