Mid-season sales from Nov.2 to Nov.14

The interim sales will be held from November 2 to Νοvember 14, with the option of stores also staying open on Sunday, November 1, the General Secretariat of Trade and Consumer Protection said on Τhursday.

The president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Stavros Kafounis, stated that “all commercial markets in Athens remain safe, because entrepreneurs with a real sense of responsibility strictly adhere to all health protection protocols for the benefit of individuals, workers and consumers.” 

Retail stores will be closed on Sunday, November 1, due to the pandemic

The General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection of the Development and Investment Ministry informed consumers and companies that, due to the emergency measures taken to address and limit the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus, the stores will not open on Sunday, November 1.

Therefore, the interim sales will be held from November 2 to Νοvember 15.

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