April 12, 2021



PM Mitsotakis: The government’s reform work must not be suspended due to Covid-19

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who chaired a meeting of ruling New Democracy (ND) MPs via video conference on Tuesday, expressed his satisfaction with the operation of the ND parliamentary group, and at the same time pointed out that there must be no complacency.

“We have a series of flagship bills that need to be passed, some of which will be completed before Christmas, and it is very important that the government’s reform work should not in any way be suspended due to Covid-19,” Mitsotakis stressed. He also warned against complacency.

“We must not be complacent as a result of the polls. We know that as a government we have a store of trust in Greek society, but we have an obligation to daily become better, to learn from our mistakes, to correct them and to move forward,” he underlined.

Mitsotakis stressed the important role of the central committee in the communication of the government with society, and called on the deputies to continue their cooperation with the ministries more effectively and more productively.

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