June 19, 2021



Tougher fines and sentences against animal abuse tabled in parliament

Tougher fines and sentences against animal abuse are included in an amendment tabled in parliament on Wednesday, signed by the ministers of Finance, Justice, Interior and Agriculture.

A jail sentence of up to 10 years is now the maximum for anyone who abuses or kills animals, in addition to a daily fine of between 50-100 euros for up to 500 days.

Other violations of current laws on the treatment of animals and pets (including neglect, import and trading, breeding of mutilated dogs and inclusion of mutilated animals in exhibitions, abuse, cruel treatment, and euthanasia) now carry fines of between 10-50 euro per day for up to 360 days, on top of a current maximum of a one-year jail sentence.  

Finally, temporarily seized pets and animals will be permanently taken away from their owners if they fail to commit to the financial costs of the animal’s restoration of health, its veterinary care and the proper living conditions

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