April 12, 2021



PM Mitsotakis: The National Action Plan an opportunity for a new development model for Greece

The National Action Plan for the use of the resources of the Recovery Fund, which was submitted to the European Commission, serves two main directions, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Thursday. It is an opportunity for a radical transformation of the national economy towards an open, innovative development model, which will essentially mark the Greece of the future,” he stressed, during his introductory statement at the teleconference held on the issue at the Maximos Mansion.

The prime minister said that a total of 72 billion euros will flow into the country from the European funds over the next seven years: 32 billion from the Recovery Fund and about 40 billion from the Multiannual Financial Framework, which will be allocated through NSRF actions and the Common Agricultural Policy for the next six years.

“The Recovery Fund is also a very important turning point in the European Union’s choices, as it breaks down a taboo: the common debt issuance taboo, transferring resources to the members who need it most. It marks, therefore, a historic moment in the course of the Union,” Mitsotakis pointed out, stressing that Greece is one of the first countries to submit the National Action Plan to Brussels.

Regarding the benefits that Greece will receive, he stressed that it belongs to the most favoured countries of the agreement, as the funds it will receive will be among the highest in the eurozone as a percentage of GDP. “But this is something that should not in any way lead to celebrations. On the contrary, it must lead to plans for a structural reorganisation of the national economy, in order to break a vicious cycle of backwardness and reduced competitiveness that, unfortunately, has endured for decades,” the prime minister concluded, before referring to emblematic projects that will be carried out.

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