May 9, 2021



Online platform for reporting results of home self-tests open from Sunday

The platform where school pupils, teachers and other staff involved in the running of schools can report the results of self-tests for Covid-19 conducted at home was opened and available to users from Sunday.

The home tests and the platform for reporting their results are initially only available for school pupils aged 16 to 18 and school staff, who have been given priority ahead of the opening of general and vocational lyceums (the last three years of highschool) next week.

On the ‘’ platform, students, teachers, administrative and school support staff are obliged to declare whether the result of the test they have conducted at home is positive or negative and can obtain a certification of a negative test, which they must bring with them in order to be admitted into schools on Monday.

The test is considered essential for schools to reopen with safety, while there is a strong recommendation to observe all other self-protection measures – such as masks, distancing and good hygiene – as the tests are simply a supplementary tool for detecting asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19.

The plan is for self-testing to be carried out twice a week by every pupil and teacher, with each of them entitled to receive two free tests per week from their local pharmacy, using their AMKA social security number. The results of the first test must be displayed upon arrival at school on Monday morning and of the second on Thursday morning.

For Special Schools, testing is mandatory for teachers and strongly recommended for pupils, either late on Sunday or early on Monday morning.

The platform can be accessed using the taxisnet system username and password. If there is no printer at home, a hand-written declaration with the same information can be presented.

If the test is positive, the same platform will issue a certificate for a positive test result that must be presented to a public health facility for a free repeat test, while the platform provides a link with information on the repeat testing locations and their hours of operation, from Monday to Friday and on Sunday.

If the repeat test is also positive, then the National Public Health Organisation Covid-19 protocol will be followed while if negative, a certificate will be issued that allows the individual to attend school.

Authorities emphasised the importance of the self-tests for preventing the spread of the virus in schools, noting that roughly one in three people infected by SARS-CoV-2 are asymptomatic and spread the disease without being aware of it.


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