June 19, 2021



Two-part plan for dealing with forest map objections

The Environment Ministry is seeking to staunch criticism of its new forest map legislation with two solutions that will not require going back to the drawing board.

The first entails a bid to delist areas designated as forestland – which are therefore protected from construction and other forms of exploitation – because of the presence of spiny broom and other phrygana plants. Critics, especially on the islands, say these protected expanses are too excessive and want them freed.

The second part of the plan concerns forested farmland and forestland that has been converted into farmland. In these areas, the state will only be able to lay claim to land for which it has deeds, while the procedure for claiming adverse possession will also be speeded up, though this will not apply to public land.

This process is not expected to begin until June, after a ruling by the Council of State on the previous revision of Greece’s forest maps.


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