Vaccination appointments for citizens aged 40-44 open on April 29, on May 1 for those aged 45-49, says health official

Health Secretary General for Primary Health Care Marios Themistokleous provided details about the age groups that will be able to start booking their vaccination appointments during Orthodox Holy Week, speaking at the live briefing on Monday.

The online booking platform for citizens aged 30-39 will open on April 27 (Good Tuesday), for those aged 40-44 on April 29 (Good Thursday), and for the 45 to 49 year-olds on May 1 (Good Saturday).

Updating reporters on the latest figures in the unfolding national vaccinations program, the health official said some 2,870,000 inoculations have been carried out in Greece so far, with 2,025,000 citizens having received one dose of a vaccine (19.3 pct of population), while 845,000 citizens have been administered both doses of a vaccine (8 pct of population).

Johnson & Johnson’s single dose vaccine will be incorporated into scheduled vaccinations on May 5, he noted.

Citizens who have received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine and wish to receive the second dose sooner than the current 12 weeks, can do so after the first 8 weeks, if necessary, head of the National Vaccination Committee Maria Theodoridou said at the briefing.

Concerning the 15 incidents of thrombosis registered out of 7.9 million vaccinations with Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot vaccine, she noted that the committee keeps a close eye on any scientific developments regarding the matter, but she underlined that the benefits of this vaccine far outweigh the minimal risk.

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  1. Mark Flitt says:

    If this is the case why am I 58 years old, I want the vaccine but cannot receive it due to not having an AMKA and have been attempting to get a number and register for vaccine since my age group was allowed. I and may hundreds of expats awaiting temporary AMKA numbers have been left scared and frightened that we are vulnerable now the tourist season is to start, and still the government has not sorted out this issue. I would even pay for it.

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